The First HTF Demo and Happy Hour was a Success!

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Our first demo happy hour was a tremendous success and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We had five startups, four presenting a healthcare service and one with a product offering. I counted four others in attendance that have startups in various phases of the early startup runway. All attendees were on fire from their individual perspectives. Thanks to all who came out.

Here is a quick recap of our demos and my takeaway from each of them. Thank you to each of these that came out to show us their work.

– Luissette Figueroa, CEO and Co-Founder, Health Innovator Systems. It was a pleasure to meet my counterpart from Austin(she organizes the Austin HTF chapter). Luissette has health technology in her DNA, so to speak: her father Luis, also present last night, built and successfully sold an EMR company in Puerto Rico. Luissette energetically demoed her web-based application HealthPASSKEY that coordinates care by connecting patients with their caregivers, enhancing wellness and communication. At last count last night, she had demoed 11 times. Her product launches in December 2013 – I encourage any organization looking to implement a certified patient portal to get in touch at

– Ravi Kalidindi, Founder, Simple Interact. Ravi’s “patient relationship management” software solution for medical practices, clinics, groups, and hospitals helps them achieve topline growth, and bottom line improvements by building lasting, loyal relationships with their patient base. Simple Interact is currently in beta test and expects to launch by the end of 2013. Ravi is actively seeking discussions with provider practices looking to increase their competitive positioning by strengthening patient loyalty and retention. Please contact Simple Interact at

– Dr. Ann Hawkins and Bob Hood, 24 Hour MD Now. Dr. Hawkins and Mr. Hood demoed their 24/7/365 telehealth service that facilitates access to a medical doctor by phone, addressing up to 70% of doctor office visits. 24 Hour MD Now was recently a finalist in a startup competition with 100 others at TCU. Learn more at

– Naveen Khan, Founder and CEO, PT PAL. Naveen’s service brings user-centered physical therapy to patients anytime, anywhere. PT PAL is a game-changer in healthcare, increasing compliance with physical therapy and throughput of patients. Learn more at or find the PT PAL app by searching the app store or google play.

– Felix Gutierrez Jr, Founder and CEO, Biometric Data Solutions. Biometric Data Solutions (BDS) offers advanced verification for employees in every industry. Because biometric systems identify people through physical measurements of unique human characteristics or behavior, they thwart attempts of time and or service fraud. The BDS product offering is particularly suited to home health and would reduce up to 95% of associated fraud. Felix is seeking governmental or industry contacts that have influence over authentication and access system buying decisions. Contact Felix at

Thank you to all who demoed tirelessly for the 2 hour event.

In other HTF news, we are planning a social at SXSWi in March and the 2nd Annual HTF Innovation Conference will be in late April or early May in San Francisco. The best way to keep abreast of these and all HTF events is by being a member of our meetup site at I would also encourage you to join the home chapter in San Francisco, as the member of 3000+ has an active discussion.

The organization continues to grow worldwide with over 4000 members in 13+ chapters on 4 continents. Leadership is expanding at the chapter level with positions available for Advisory, Organizer, Industry Liaison, Street Team and Intern roles. Please contact local chapter organizers for more information. As always, our greatest proponents are our members. Thank you and please continue to spread the word to colleagues and let me know if you’d like to participate in our street team to help grow event attendance and group membership.

Stay tuned for our next local event, to be announced soon, which will most likely be held on the 21st of November.

Come together for health,
Eric McQuaid

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