If the IRS emails you saying your payment failed: you’ve been hacked

Day-in-the-life of a bankbot. I rec’d the email this article refers to. I wonder who in my 7 degrees is …

How to resolve DNS if no registrar will have you?

Domain Name Service providers back slowly away from WikiLeaks. http://ow.ly/3jOGV Peer-to-peer DNS forthcoming. http://ow.ly/3jOL5 Weird!! Tweet

New variants mean more work for security researchers

Researcher workload just doubled with discovery of new variant of ZeuS Zbot malware. http://ow.ly/3jOac Tweet

Definition: honeypot

A honeypot is a computer or virtual machine that has no actual production use, other than to act as fly …

Zeus and the new wave of sophisticated threats

Zeus appears to be a sea change in the story of malware.