Next breach victim: citibank. Tweet

Researcher finds new security flaws in SCADA PLC systems, decides not to expose them at TakeDownCon.

In a blog post today at, NSS CEO Rick Moy lauded the infosec acumen of researcher Dillon Beresford, saying …

You can’t make this stuff up. It really would be interesting to know who’s behind the Sony Breach.

Seriously.  Could you even make these stories up? Sony comes clean.  They admit that 77 million records were compromised. In …

Decrease in hacked records points to craftier attacks, not better security

Decrease in hacked records points to craftier attacks, not better security

An InfoWorld article summarizes the Verizon 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report(DBIR) and shows that – surprise! – the attackers are …

Do Not Assume Your Shopping Carts are Secure

…some of the major shopping cart providers, Amazon, Google and Paypal have software flaws

SecurID Suffers Data Security Breach

RSA, one of the pioneering companies of information security and the creator of SecurID technology in use by thousands of …

How can an entire country fall off the global internetwork?

nearly every single site is trending Egypt

Auto makers have some work to do securing passive keyless entry and start systems

For as little as $100, equipment can be obtained off-the-shelf and configured to sniff the codes used by these automobile systems.

How to avoid having your bank account drained

The only true defense is behavior: not clicking, not opening, etc.

your best offense: a solid defense

your best offense: a solid defense

In the words of some great football coach, your best offense is a solid defense. And so it goes with computer systems security…